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What about children who are too active and always procrastinate

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A five-year-old girl who often banged her head against a wall was asked to draw a picture of her family during a meeting with her psychiatrist. As a result, in the child's picture, the mother is just a silhouette of the back, and the color of the whole body is bright red. After the doctor inquired, he was told that the little girl could only see her mother once a month because she was very busy at work... There is also a six-year-old child, in his pen, his mother is wearing pink clothes, with delicate pearl necklace, but the bottom half of the body is wearing dirty khaki shorts, completely and upper body beautiful image is not in harmony. It turned out that the child lived in a single-parent family, his mother was a dual role of parent, and his father's strange emotions were expressed in random rough brushstrokes and colors representing resistance. What do you find from these two examples? Through color you can go into the heart of children! Scientists' research on the brain has found that 80% of the initial emotions of humans come from the memory of images and the colors presented in them, and the University of California in the United States in 1974 published a neurological research report, also confirmed that color is an important element in stimulating the development of the infant brain and cognitive construction. If you still don't believe in the power of color, let me tell you something real. Paul Bockmini, Ph.D., a professor and director of the Clinical Psychotherapy Center at the University of California, conducted an experiment with 27 teenagers whose aggressive behavior was causing headaches for parents and teachers. In groups, he asked the teenagers to lie in a room with white walls and ceilings for 15 minutes, and then watched their behavior through a single-sided mirror. To his surprise, the teenagers were lying quietly on the floor! They were kicking over chairs, banging on walls, at one moment antagonizing each other, at the next indifferently putting their arms around their chests and chewing gum loudly. The next day, Dr. Paul Bockmini asked the same group of 27 teenagers to lie on the floor in batches, but this time the walls and ceiling were pink. Dr. Paul Bockmini's observation from behind the single-sided mirror was not surprising. Ten minutes after entering the pink room, the previously aggressive teenagers were lying quietly on the floor, looking at the ceiling and either thinking or sleeping. Dr. Paul Bockmini went on to perform the experiment on younger children. He found several children who liked to cry, often stay on the ground and hit people, and asked them to stay in a pink room for six minutes every day. The results showed that after a month and a half, the children's crying and hitting behavior decreased significantly. Color LETS YOU UNDERSTAND the inner world of the child color for parents to understand and help solve the problems in the growth of the child has an important role. She believes that a child's world is already full of beautiful colors, and if they like a certain color, it usually means that he belongs to the personality trait of that color at this stage of development, or the survival instinct reminds him that he needs the energy of that color to balance. Therefore, we only need to carefully observe the child's preference for color, from the color of his most commonly used brush, the color of his favorite objects, the color of his favorite food, and so on, to find out the possible corresponding emotions and behaviors that need to be strengthened or weakened, and then help him through the color in daily life. Here are a few children may appear problem, parents is very headache, here are some interesting small coup, parents can clever apply color energy, try to solve the problem ~ hyperactivity children color energy method Many parents think the child's active and unable to focus, because they refuse to obey discipline and deliberately not obedient, So the usual scene is the exhausted mother and father, either trying to talk to the child or holding a small stick against the desk. In fact, experts say time and again that it's not because children don't want to sit properly, it's because they're "incapable" of doing so. From the perspective of color energy, too much red energy in a child's body is the culprit that makes him unable to sit well even if he wants to sit obediently! Because in the color psychology, the red character represents the exuberant adrenalin secretion and the physiological function that runs faster than the average child. Problem-solving color energy: dark greens and greens, and dark yellows with some black. The dark green energy forces the child to suppress the red impulse that is on the go, causing the child to pause for a few seconds before acting. With those seconds, the child may be able to allow the rational left brain to intervene in the impulsive instinct. Light green acts on the child's mental energy level. In addition to dark green and light green, life can add a little dark yellow, is also needed by children, can increase the color energy of confidence. In life, we can change the wall of children's room into light green, and focus on green and yellow clothes. In this way, the problem of children's hyperactivity may be improved through the energy of color. The color energy method of two children's family is now a lot of two children's family, originally, we think that one more child can be one more partner, but who knows, the reality is counterproductive. With Erbao, many harmonious families become fighting, many originally clever Dabao began to become irritable, full of jealousy, because in Dabao's view, the original belong to their own unique love is separated by younger siblings, he is no longer the only family, family status is threatened...... As a result, parents are often troubled by various disputes. How to do? Let's try the color energy method. Dabao under 6: Use bright orange with white to help. Since emotion is the largest energy in the body, from a color energy point of view, the indigo energy in the body reaches its peak when fear becomes the dominant emotional energy in the body. At this time, it is better to use bright light orange to weaken the indigo color. For example, mom and Dabao wear light orange parent-child clothes together, and buy him a light orange throw pillow, so as to make Dabao feel good and ease his fear. 6 to 10 years old school children: Use green with high color saturation to help. "Why would you want another one when you already have me?" This is the mental state of a child who has had some independent thinking, but who has not completed the development of empathy. For children of this age, Kim thinks that parents can not stimulate their emotions, but try green and yellow energy, such as a glass kettle surrounded by a layer of green cellophane, increase the diet can activate the solar plexus yellow energy food, such as bananas, corn and so on. Many parents complain that their children procrastinate. Simple tasks take a long time to complete, such as brushing teeth, eating meals, and doing homework. This scene is not often staged in your home: the mother said once, twice, three times, and finally in the roar, the child according to the mother's requirements to do. Color may help kids with procrastination. Color energy for problem solving: Bright red that never messes, and purple that learns self-control. The burst of bright red energy is absolutely what the slow doctor needs. Parents can give their children to eat bright red food, such as bell peppers, tomatoes, etc., and add a little bright red elements to their clothes. As for purple's self-discipline and self-control, it can be applied to the environment. For EXAMPLE THE CURTAIN OF PINK PURPLE, QUILT COVER, IT IS SOME WALL TO WAIT. There are many other ways to use color energy to "heal" your child's emotional and behavioral problems. However, Jin Yunrong said: in fact, the most wonderful function of color energy is not healing, but it is a medium to the endless paradise of imagination and creativity. In fact, children will encounter a variety of problems in the process of growing up. In addition to using the energy of color to find out the true ideas of children, parents' company and patient communication and understanding are still needed. Every child is born different, but as long as the parents to teach, with the right method, every child can let you sit up and take notice!


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